About Kayla Rae

               Kayla Rae is an 18 year old "dark pop" singer/songwriter from Lagrangeville, NY. As a soulful, jazzy-pop vocalist, with influences from Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey, and Lady Gaga, Kayla Rae likes to stick to her dark and mysterious side, despite the upbeat vibe of the music. She spends all of her time writing new material, recording, performing, competing, collaborating with other artists, and posting videos via social media, continuing to grow her presence.

        Kayla Rae has been blessed with a variety of amazing opportunities already throughout her career, however, in 2016 things began to build upon themselves. Kayla Rae started recording her self-written E.P. album, which was then produced by Elvio Fernandes, member of the popular band, "Daughtry", and his partner, Johnny Cummings. It is now in the process of being mixed, mastered, and finalized by industry professionals that work with some of today's biggest music names, and is set to be released within the next few months. Also, with more than 60 performances all across the Tri-State area and beyond in just the past year, she has electrified crowds, entertaining for thousands at some of the biggest festivals in NY and NJ. The young singer-songwriter spent over a month in California this past October as a contestant on Season 12 of “NBC's The Voice”.

            2017 is underway with a full calendar of performances, new music soon to hit the speakers (including collaborations with major artists!), and a variety of other exciting opportunities. It is the combination of Kayla Rae's hauntingly beautiful yet eerie sound that is new to the industry, her star-quality stage presence, her quirky and absurd lyrics that can put any listener into deep thought, her work ethic, and her free-spirited, dark vintage appearance, that makes many industry professionals, along with Kayla Rae's listeners, state that it is only a matter of time before she conquers the music industry.

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